Add Image To Video

Using our online video editor, you can quickly customize any video using an image or a photo. You can use our free online tool to add your logo to an existing video so it doesn't get lost online, or even make slideshow videos with multiple images!

This tool will improve your content and give you the ability to secure your brand when creating videos by adding an additional brand logo or image on the top or bottom corners of your video. We support JPEG, PNG's, and many formats - you can even add a GIF to any video.

How To Add Image To Video

  • 1. Upload your video or paste the link to your favorite YouTube video.

  • 2. Add your image or GIF that you want to apply to your video.

  • 3. Position your image or GIF on top of your video, and resize it to your desired dimensions.

  • 4. Click Render and we'll render your video and you can download it, for free.

Why Use Editframe?


Short form video performs better than all other forms of content on social media and adding an image can give it a unique finish.


Adding a brand logo will help others associate your brand when it is re-shared across Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Ads, Twitter and Instagram Reels.


Editframe's video tool supports all image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF as well as MP3, WAV, and much more.


No need to download or install anything to add an image to a video. Works online from your browser – getting your image added to a video quickly and for free!


No special video skills necessary, Editframe's add image to video tool is hassle free and easy to use.

Who Uses Editframe?

BRANDS can quickly add their logo using a PNG or JPEG to any video content created online for their customers to see. Make every video branded with a simple watermark on the video!

TEACHERS and STUDENTS can make slideshows for classes as well as make presentations by adding multiple images to videos.

JOURNALISTS can add an image to any video or add an image to any video that will be shared and used by other organizations. Journalists can credit their organization's brand with a quick image on a video.

YOUTUBERS can quickly add their image or logo to any video, and is especially useful for intro and outro credits.

VIDEO MEME MAKERS Can make sure their video memes have a proper watermark or logo included in all of their viral content by simply adding an image to any video.

VIDEO EDITORS can quickly add an image to any of their videos without having to use After Effects or other complex software.

GAMERS can add their logos or branding to any video or recorded stream; they can also overlay an intro image or outro image to any video.

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