Slideshow Maker

Make an amazing photo or video slideshow with Editframe, online.

With Editframe's slideshow maker you can make amazing montages and slideshows to tell stories for a birthday, holiday occasion, or even a news event, using images, videos, and text.

How To Make a Video Slideshow

  • 1. Upload your video clips, images, or photos. You can even use media files like a GIF.

  • 2. Arrange your photos, video clips, and media in the order you see fit.

  • 3. Select the duration of each slide in the slideshow; you can even add music.

  • 4. Click render and we will render your video slideshow to download for free!

Why Use Editframe?


Video performs better than all other forms of content on social media; making a slideshow video will make it easier to consume.


Create content perfect for any platform. You can resize the video slideshow to fit on Instagram stories or Instagram Reels, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and or even send on WhatsApp.


Editframe's slideshow maker supports all image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF as well as MP3, WAV, and much more.


No need to download or install anything. Works online from your browsers – getting your content to you simpler and faster.


No special video editing skills necessary; Editframe's video slideshow tool is hassle free and easy to use.

Who Uses Editframe?

STUDENTS can quickly Editframe to make slideshow videos as part of their homework assignments and presentations given in the classroom.

PRESENTERS can annotate and add detail to all of their slideshows and presentations by recording an MP3 or WAV and then making a slideshow video by simply adding the recording to the slideshow.

BIRTHDAYS can be celebrated by making a slideshow video of the special somebody who you care about. You can upload awesome photos of your loved one, add some funny GIFs and some music to really make the video fun and special.

BRANDS can make highly engaging video slideshows by adding a few photos and music with their product in them. These can then be added to Instagram Stories or even a simple post on Facebook.

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