Trim Video

Trim any video online into the perfect length using Editframe with a few simple steps.

Sometimes you need a short clip of your video to promote on socials or to create promotional content. This is great for musicians who need to promote a short promo video or even a vlogger on YouTube who wants to quickly make promotional content for Instagram posts.

Turn an hour long video into seconds of content without having to use Final Cut, iMovie, or other bulky desktop video editors.

How To Trim Video

  • 1. Upload your video or paste the link to your favorite YouTube video.

  • 2. Select new, trimmed duration of your new video.

  • 3. Resize by simply selecting an aspect ratio & size for your desired platforms, like IGTV, TikTok, Snapchat & more.

  • 4. Click Render and we'll render your video and you can download it, for free.

Why Use Editframe?


Video performs better than all other forms of content on social media, adding music makes it viral.


Create content perfect for any platform including Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook Ads, Twitter and more.


Editframe's video tool supports all image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF as well as MP3, WAV, and much more.


No need to download or install anything. Works online from your browsers – getting your content to you simpler and faster.


No special video editing skills necessary, tool is hassle free and easy to use.

Who Uses Editframe?

SMALL BUSINESSES can take pre-existing video and make it fresh by quickly trimming it to share on social media.

GAMERS can trim highlights from Twitch or promote trimmed clips to fans.

MUSICIANS can quickly shorten video clips or song previews for fans.

MARKETING AGENCIES can quickly trim content to run as advertisements for their clients.

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