Upload Audio to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

It’s important to share your music on video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook if you want to reach more fans. We call these “artwork videos”; they’re simple but crucial for promoting music and letting your fans find your music. Even uploading to Facebook will help you reach more fans, so don’t limit the upload to YouTube. It's super important to create promotional clips using show flyers, album covers, or inventive artwork - video makes your content go further.

Importantly, if you want to use Instagram Stories or Snapchat to promote your music, these simple videos work perfect as Instagram ads or Snapchat ads. Finally, if you have a large audience on Twitter - you can use this tool to promote links of other content such as merch, Spotify links, or digital goods alongside beautiful video.


Upload your music or audio file


Upload an image, GIF, or an album cover


Select the social media platform where you want to upload your music


Trim the audio to your desired duration or use the full song


Add a progress bar or waveform to give your video some life


Render and download for free!

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